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Translations for finance, banking and insurance

Every day, you help your clients navigate financial complexities, protect their assets and accrue their wealth even in the most uncertain economic landscape.


With investors being more sophisticated and ESG-oriented than ever, that is no easy feat – especially when your client base is spread across markets and speaks various languages.


At Favella Translations, we help wealth managers, financial institutions and FinTech companies translate every piece of content in their basket – from whitepapers to prospectuses, from financial instruments to apps – so they can reach the right audience and drive positive impact on a global scale.


Join UBS, Invesco, AXA and many other industry leaders who have already chosen us to assist them in their finance, banking and insurance translation needs.

Professional translation: an invaluable asset

Bullish or bearish, the market always offers growth opportunities for those who know where to look – and allocating your money wisely can go a long way. The same applies to your multilingual content.


In a space that is ever changing and bustling with new financial players, if you want to earn the trust of foreign clients and investors, you need specialised finance translations that can convey the full value of your offerings.


Whether you are an established financial institution or a young dynamic startup in the Fintech SaaS space, invest in our multilingual solutions geared towards the finance industry - you will be well-positioned for long-term returns.

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A solid financial expertise you can leverage on

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At Favella Translations, we have a wealth of experience supporting clients in the fields of finance, DeFi, banking, insurance and the payment service industry.


Our finance translators can handle marketing and technical translations for a wide range of texts, from corporate financial statements to ETF product sheets, blockchain whitepapers and investor’s newsletters.


Let us take care of your translations so that you can focus on what you do best – whether it is market making, rebalancing portfolios or enabling online payments across borders.

Supporting your mission to turn capital into a force for good

ESG solutions, impact investing and the circular economy are fascinating topics that we hold very close to heart.


We believe that sustainability is the only way forward - and cannot wait to play a part in your environmental, social and governance efforts with sustainable finance translations that bring your ethical values front and centre.


With extensive experience translating sustainability whitepapers, corporate social responsibility reports, ESG ETF product pages and circular economy articles, we are the perfect translation partner to foster awareness on your sustainability commitments among your international audience.

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Financial translation, transcreation (creative translation), multi-lingual copywriting, UX/UI localisation of websites and apps, SEO adaptation and keyword research, interpretation.

Types of content

Financial statements, market analysis reports, whitepapers, financial instrument product sheets, KIDs, KIIDs, prospectus, policies, auditing, landing pages, articles, press releases, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, investors newsletters, apps, and more.


English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai and South-east Asian idioms are our most requested languages, but that is far from all. Do you need specific local variants, such as Swiss Italian or Singaporean English? Get in touch - we can help.

Finance, banking and insurance

Corporate finance, investment and asset management, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, hedge funds, stocks, bonds, commodities, impact investing, ESG and circular economy, banking, DeFi, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, finance and payment apps, finance SaaS, tax and accounting, insurance

"Favella Translations assisted us at Invesco with the creative translation of product marketing materials such as brochures and interactive PDFs on complex topics like blockchain, China assets, ETF and passive funds. The translation was precise despite the complex topics and the service has been fast considering the amount of pages."

—  Chiara Minari, Head of EMEA MKT ETFs at Invesco

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We are all ears

Our finance translation specialists are ready to help you localise your whole suite of financial products and services to reach more investors and customers abroad.


Contact us today and tell us how we can assist.

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