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M.I.C.E. translations: interpreters and translators for meetings, incentives, conferences and events

Organising an international event is no easy feat. Quoting, budgeting, venue sourcing, keeping track of the timeline, liaising with multiple stakeholders in various countries… You have a lot on your plate. With so much to juggle, finding the right onsite interpretation and translation services for your event can be an added source of stress - but it does not have to be.


At Favella Translations, we are here to lift some weight off your shoulders. Let us handle all your M.I.C.E. translation needs so you can focus on what you do best: orchestrating an unforgettable event experience for your client.


Whether you are organising a local conference that requires onsite interpreters in Singapore, or looking to translate your client’s marketing assets for a trade fair abroad, we are ready to assist you.


Let us work together to ensure that your event is a success.

A full suite of M.I.C.E. translation services
for every stage of your event




  • Localisation of event website

  • Creative translation of  marketing assets (event web page, catalogues and brochures, printed assets, social media campaigns, promotional emails, press releases, and more)

  • Simultaneous (i.e. real-time) interpretation

  • Consecutive interpretation

  • Foreign delegates reception and escorting

  • Translation of daily tradeshow newsletters

  • Same-day translation of the event social media posts

  • Translation of event press release and website updates

  • Translation of communications with your foreign partners and feedback from your foreign attendees

Event Services

Our Clients

“Monica from Favella Translations has been a very professional and knowledgeable interpreter for my group of Asian doctors that travelled to Paris for a medical conference, where she was engaged for the project. We are impressed with her high quality of translation, as well as her depth of medical terms during the entire week of conference tracks and LIVE cadaver sessions. Certainly someone we would love working with again for future projects.”

—  Jessie Heng, Regional Director at MICE Maestro


An efficient and responsive M.I.C.E. translation partner

In the events industry, things run at a fast pace and last minute changes are the norm. We are here to work with you closely around the clock, providing a responsive service and flexible language solutions. If you are urgently looking for an interpreter or translator, get in touch now for a quick quote.

Top-notch translators and interpreters for your project

Our specialised translators and interpreters are subject matter experts with years of experience translating for all kinds of events: political summits, medical conventions, trade fairs, luxury product launches, sports press conferences and much more. We will be delighted to select the best linguist for your specific needs.



Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispered interpretation, liaison interpretation, foreign delegate reception and escorting, marketing translation, transcreation (creative translation), multi-lingual copywriting, UX/UI and web localisation.

Event and content types

Business presentations, seminars and conferences, corporate meetings and negotiations, incentive trips, partnership events, customer events, product launches, training sessions, medical visits, weddings, private celebrations and more.


English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are our most requested languages, but that is far from all. Do you need specific local variants, such as Brazilian Portuguese or Singaporean English? Get in touch - we can help.

M.I.C.E. translation for all industries and verticals

Meetings, incentives, conferences and events across all sectors, including finance, insurance, healthcare and medical tourism, law, luxury, fashion, beauty, FMCG, marketing, media, diplomacy and many more.

"SICAM is one of the biggest international trade fairs in the furniture components sector. We collaborated for the first time with Favella Translations and it went great. The team are professional, talented and timely in their deliveries. Translating press release articles for a technical trade fair is not always easy, and with our previous translation providers, we often found that the meaning got lost, or the concepts expressed in Italian ended up being changed. With Favella Translations this did not happen, so I strongly recommend their services."

—  Carolina Giobbi, Exposicam Srl,  SICAM organiser


We are all ears

Get in touch and tell us everything about your upcoming event.


We will carefully consider your requirements and put together the best team of translators and interpreters for your event format.

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