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Favella (Fa-vel-la)

Italian noun

Recurring in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, 14th century

   1. Language, tongue
   2. Speech
   3. The ability to speak
   4. Eloquence, the gift of speaking

A leading translation agency

in Singapore, named after

my poetic work?


About Us

Favella Translations is a boutique translation company specialising in top quality language services and multilingual communication across cultures.


Located in the heart of Singapore, we accurately craft our translations to assist a wide range of clients all over the world - from high-fashion houses to medtech startups.

You might have guessed it from our name - we thoroughly enjoy playing with words and are deeply in love with everything language and culture. It is our pleasure to put this passion at your service.


Our People

Monica Pasin, Head Translator

Born in Treviso (Italy), Monica is a specialised Italian translator, interpreter and language teacher. Her technical skills are backed by a decade of experience in the translation industry and she holds an MA in Specialised Translation and Interpreting (110/110 cum laude) from the University of Trieste, Italy.

At Favella Translations, Monica oversees translation quality and workflows. When a new request comes in, she hand-picks the best translator for that client and task. She also curates the Italian communication of professionals and companies from every corner of the world. British surgeons, French luxury brands, Italian athletes, Singaporean bankers, and much more.

Monica Pasn
  • Monica will liaise directly with you, taking care of your projects from enquiry to delivery.

  • For Italian translation, she will put together and manage the best translation team for your needs.

  • If you enrol in our Italian language courses, she will be your native Italian teacher.


Our Workflow


Tell us how we can assist you. For translations, attach the document to translate and specify the deadline.


Once you approve the quote and send us your proof of payment, your order is confirmed and integrated in our workflow.


The text is ready! We timely deliver it to you as agreed, and wait for you to confirm safe reception and give us your feedback.


We collect any additional information we may need on the job and prepare a quote based on its urgency and complexity.


We carefully work on your text. After a first draft, we may contact you with a set of questions to clarify any ambiguous points.

Our Values


Industry Expertise



A green heart

We strive to be as green as possible, both in and out of the office, and aim to work with like-minded companies.

If your business is a social enterprise and/or implements circular solutions with low-to-zero environmental impact, we are particularly interested in partnering up with you. Get in touch to tell us more and access our services at special rates.

Ready to start working together?

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