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Translations for e-commerce and digital marketing

Product pages, Google Ads, Amazon listings, keyword research, tags, banners and CTAs, blog articles, newsletters and social media posts… Writing marketing copy that sells requires both technical knowledge and exceptional copywriting skills.


You put a lot of effort into your e-commerce website and digital advertising to ensure that your content ranks on the first page of Google and attracts qualified leads. Every word gets weighted, every keyword researched to engage your target and maximise conversions. How do you ensure that you copy remains just as effective when it gets translated into another language?


At Favella, we craft persuasive copy that turns your foreign leads into customers and keeps them coming back to your online store. Let us work together to boost your SERP ranking in foreign markets with marketing translations and native copy that your target audience (and the search engines) will love.

Boosting your conversions and global online sales

Online Store

From attracting qualified leads to building customer loyalty, we have a wealth of experience in translating and adapting copy at every stage of the sales funnel to help you maximise your ROI in foreign markets.


Engage us to create clear and concise localised copy that works well with your user interface and offers your customers a pleasant, frictionless experience in their online shopping journey.


From product descriptions to marketing campaigns, we have curated multilingual copy for a wealth of marketing agencies, digital content creators and e-commerce brands.


Join Oliver, Bottega Veneta and LUCRIN Geneva, and leverage our localisation expertise to grow your sales abroad.

An A-Team that works with you towards your goals

Localising an e-commerce website and adapting your marketing content for a foreign market requires specialised skills that go beyond simple translation.


As marketing translators trained in digital copywriting and e-commerce localisation, we are equipped with a specialised skill set that spans SEO, cultural adaptation, transcreation and storytelling. Coupled with a strong understanding of user interface and user experience, this is what sets our marketing translators apart.


We can seamlessly integrate with your marketing team to ensure that your copy and campaigns are on brand in every language.


We take the time to understand your brief, study your brand values and products, consider your buyer personas, research your competitors, and ponder every tagline and CTA until we are sure that they fully align with your brand image and tone of voice.

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Online Shopping from Home


Translation, transcreation (creative translation), multi-lingual copywriting, UX/UI app and web localisation, interpretation.

Types of content

Ads, websites, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email content and more.


English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai and South-east Asian idioms are our most requested languages, but that is far from all. Do you need specific local variants, such as Swiss Italian or Singaporean English? Get in touch - we can help.

Digital marketing and e-commerce

Software as a service (SaaS), fast moving consumer goods, fashion, beauty, public relations, advertising, content marketing, conversational marketing.

"We have been developing our relationship with our Italian clients over the years, and it has only been in the ascendant since we started working with Favella Translations.


They have been reviewing all our product category texts and best-selling products' descriptions on our Italian website. The team has also helped us with the translation of our newsletters, promotional campaigns, and other marketing tasks.


Having worked with several translators from different platforms before, we have now delegated all the Italian writing and keywords analysis to them. Our graphic designers and front-end programmers have been kept happy!​"

—  Ryan K. A., Marketing Specialist at LUCRIN Geneva

Designers Working Together

We are all ears

Our team of marketing translation specialists are delighted to help you create successful multilingual campaigns and boost online sales for your global clients. 


Contact us today and tell us how we can assist.

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