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Newsletter Transcreation | Swiss Luxury E-commerce for Leather Goods

Client: LUCRIN Geneva

Language: English to Italian

Format: Newsletter


LUCRIN Geneva is a Swiss luxury brand specialising in customisable artisanal leather goods.

From their e-commerce website, they sell their creations to several markets, including Italy and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

They are our longest-standing client, and we are proud to curate the Italian copy for their best-selling products in a range of formats, including product descriptions, landing pages and newsletters.


LUCRIN sends out a newsletter with every new product launch. The newsletter copy, originally written in English, needs to be translated and adapted for the Italian-speaking market without losing the brand's unique tone of voice.


As we always do for e-commerce translations, we followed a few steps:

  • We first checked the client's website to confirm any existing Italian names for the products mentioned in the newsletter. This step is key for a seamless customer experience, as customers could get confused if they click on a specific product in the newsletter and land on a page with a different product name!

  • We also found the visuals and features for all the products mentioned, to ensure that we could describe them accurately in our Italian copy.

  • Next, we transcreated the copy with the end-customer in mind, adapting cultural references to make the products more relatable and appealing to the Italian audience.

  • All the while, we kept an eye on the layout of the original newsletter to check that our copy was the right length and would fit in the space available.

  • After proofreading the translation, we sent it to the client for their internal DTP integration.

  • Once the DTP was ready, we ran a post-integration layout check to ensure that the Italian text was correctly placed and that it worked well against the images.


LUCRIN could instantly connect with their Italian-speaking customers with a newsletter crafted in their native language and carefully adapted to their culture.

A seamless customer experience was ensured by creating compelling Italian copy that doesn't read like a translation, and works well with the product images in the backdrop.


Here is what the client said:

"Monica has helped us greatly with the translation of our newsletters, promotional campaigns, and other marketing tasks, With her artist mindset, the graphic designers and front-end programmers have been kept happy!"

- Ryan K. A., Marketing Specialist at LUCRIN Geneva


Do you need help translating your newsletter into multiple languages?

Get in touch with us at and let's schedule a chat!

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