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Newsletter Transcreation | Swiss Luxury E-commerce for Leather Goods

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Client: LUCRIN Geneva

Language: English to Italian

Format: Newsletter


LUCRIN Geneva is a Swiss luxury brand specialising in customisable artisanal leather goods.

From their e-commerce website, they sell their creations to several markets, including Italy and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

They are one of our longest-standing clients, and we are proud to help them promote their best-selling products by curating the Italian transcreation of a range of marketing collaterals, including product descriptions, landing pages and newsletters.


LUCRIN sends out a newsletter with every new product launch. The newsletter copy, originally written in English, needs to be translated and adapted for the Italian-speaking market without losing the Swiss brand's unique tone of voice.


As we always do for e-commerce translations, we followed a few steps:

  • We first checked the client's website to confirm whether any approved Italian names existed for the products mentioned in the newsletter. This step is key to ensure that the terminology used across marketing asset stays consistent. This in turn allows for a more seamless customer experience, as it eliminates the risk for customers to get confused when they click on a specific product in the newsletter and land on a page with a different product name.

  • We also gathered the visual references and product features for all the products mentioned, to ensure that we could describe them accurately in our Italian copy.

  • Next, we transcreated the copy with the end-customer in mind, adapting cultural references to make the products more relatable and appealing to the Italian audience.

  • All the while, we kept an eye on the layout of the original newsletter to check that our copy was the right length and would fit nicely in the space available.

  • After proofreading the translation, we sent it to the client for their internal DTP integration.

  • After the DTP phase, we ran a post-integration layout check, reviewing the final artwork to ensure that the Italian text was correctly placed and that it worked well against the images.


LUCRIN could instantly connect with their Italian-speaking customers with a newsletter crafted in the native language of its audience and carefully adapted to their culture.

A seamless customer experience was ensured by creating compelling Italian copy that doesn't read like a translation, and works well with the product images in the backdrop.


Here is what the client said:

"Monica has helped us greatly with the translation of our newsletters, promotional campaigns, and other marketing tasks. With her artist mindset, the graphic designers and front-end programmers have been kept happy!"

- Ryan K. A., Marketing Specialist at LUCRIN Geneva


Do you need help translating your newsletter into multiple languages?

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