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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

#FavellaAtWork: A private client required the translation and certification of his Italian study certificate for official use in Singapore. Here is what the job entailed and how we delivered it.

  • Location: Singapore

  • Date: February 2020

  • Topic: English certified translation of an Italian high school diploma to support a Permanent Residence ('PR') application in Singapore.

  • What we do: Translation, Revision, Certification with company stamp and signature, Delivery of certified hard copy.


Certified translations are a key component to a successful PR application. To maximise the chances of acceptance by government bodies such as Singapore’s ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority), our diploma translation needed to be extremely accurate both in terms of content and layout.

Moreover, time was of the essence as the translation was going to be enclosed with the PR application alongside the original document. Therefore, our work needed to be delivered timely - or possibly ahead of time - to give the client peace of mind and allow him to file a complete application within the official timeframe.

If you are still wondering: “What is a certified translation?” or “What is a certified translator?”, find out more in our article here.

Our Solution

To assist the client, we provided our best service on four fronts:


After translating the client’s diploma, our translator Monica conducted an accurate round of revision with a focus on names and dates. Next, the text was carefully formatted to faithfully reflect the source layout, for maximum clarity.


We kept the deadline in mind throughout the entire process and managed to deliver before the agreed date. After 2 working days the translation was completed and a digital copy was sent to the client for acknowledgement. Two days later, the certified hard copy was in the hands of our client, who decided to meet us for a hand-delivery to speed up the process.


As with all our requests, we worked hard to respond to this enquiry promptly and to remain reactive for the whole duration of the job. We notified the client of the step-by-step progress on our side and timely arranged the delivery to suit his needs.


Right from the start, we offered the client a flexible arrangement, with a choice between a delivery via post or a hand-delivery in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). As the client chose the second option, we met in the CBD and personally handed the certified translation to him.


We provided an accurate certified translation of the client's Italian high school diploma. Thanks to its timely delivery, correct terminology and compliant formatting, our translation was accepted by the Italian Embassy and ICA. This allowed the client to smoothly submit his application, thus moving one step closer to obtaining his PR status.

When it comes to applications, a lot can be at stake! Ensure that your document translation gets accepted by Singapore's official authorities right from the start. For tips on how to choose a trustworthy translation company and obtain compliant certified translations, read our advice here or contact our head translator at

To read more about our projects and industry insights, explore the rest of our blog!


Favella Translations is a Singapore-registered translation atelier specialising in Italian language and culture. We provide a range of Italian translation services including tried-and-tested certified translations for official use in Singapore. Get in touch to receive a quote!

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